Textron Corporation was originally organized in 1978 as a systems integrator for telecommunication networks and a representative office of foreign telecommunications equipment suppliers. As such, its main business was designing and building networks for traditional telecom carriers.

In 1998, the Company was granted by the Congress of the Philippines a 25-year telecommunications franchise and was licensed to install, operate and maintain a nationwide data leased channel network using wired and wireless technologies. Thus, Textron Corporation transitioned from being merely a systems integrator of telecommunications networks to a full-fledged telecoms carrier focusing principally on data communications for the Philippine corporate market using mainly wireless technologies.

To speed up its transition to the connectivity business, Textron Corporation acquired the subscriber base and existing infrastructure of Evoserve, Epicnet and Philfinder, three first-level Internet service providers in 2001. The Company has since expanded this initial infrastructure and now serves a fair segment of the corporate market.

In 2006, the shareholders of the Company decided to pursue the establishment of a new mobile data business using 4th generation technology. It thus applied for and was granted by the NTC a license for the 450 MHz frequency which is well-suited for 4G mobile Internet. To ensure that there is sufficient focus on both the existing business and the new venture, the existing core business of the Company was spun off to a new corporate entity which retained the Textron corporate name. The pursuit of the new mobile 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) venture was kept in the old corporate entity but under a new trade name: Broadband Everywhere Corporation.